when you can’t hear what someone says and they repeat it 98 times and you’re still like




no no it’s not that it’s bad.. the ending point is bad

I see… well in case I’ll just continue with the manga.

in that case i recommend reading the first few chapters from the beginning because there are some parts left out in the anime that really adds to the story! 

eh i drew lots of onoda from my last stream ahahah

i should be working on translations but lol;;;

im busy reading dna lalalalallal /shot






He’s precious tho. Blankets for the dork and his immaginary abs friends I say

man everyone on yowapeda i sju sth ngngn they need more love

I totally agree! MAN I’m so glad I started this anime. And I…

no no it’s not that it’s bad.. the ending point is bad


friend: I will not read haikyuu’s manga, unless you draw kagehina for me.

so I did this for her. because, seriously guys, this manga is awesome. you do not want to miss it.

Today’s theme is Kings.

I know I should be drawing characters that I usually don’t draw, but… I CAN’T JUST SKIP DRAWING MY OTB!!

I think it’s obvious why I chose each quote for each one of them (specially if you’re up to date with the manga), but I’ll explain anyway~ (those who don’t read the manga, stay away)

Mei, well, he might not be in his best shape atm, but you know he’s the type that won’t be happy unless he is standing above anyone else. So, he won’t be satisfied with being only a ‘prince’. And he’s cheeky enough to claim that he’ll be a king.

Sanada, we got to know that he’s one of the most strong players, mentally. He’s fearless, and can keep his composure under any situation.

Miyuki, I think we all agree that the captaincy is adding nothing more than stress and hardships over Miyuki’s shoulders. While those around him think of it as something amazing, and see him as an invincible player.


so i decided at some point that my tag for mihashi would be “mihashi intensifies” and then this happened gomen

tajima’s a big help in these situations

omg these dorks will be the ned of me


a gay doodle bc these shirts exist and boyfriends wearing matching clothes is my weakness


baseball pda


Twitter doodles (Oofuri, Haikyuu).
Eventually I’ll make a post of my miscellaneous doodle fanart from good ‘ole twitter, but I was having fun last night/this morning with these. Nice way to start off my day!! (hopefully someone catches my spongebob reference in the last bit)





imageKurotsuki Week Day 2: Sick Day

#technically on time


let me tell you about the second years

The first stages of becoming a Fujoshi: Denial


puppy love